Formulated with high concentrations of TECA, madecassoside and ceramide, the MadeCera Cream not only soothes sensitive skin while strengthening its natural barrier, but also boasts brightening and anti-aging benefits.



  • With Madecassoside and high-concentrated TECA to soothe sensitive skin.
  • With 10,000ppm of Ceramide to reinforce skin moisture barrier.
  • With whitening and wrinkles improvement ingredients for a translucent and smooth skin finish.


✅  Concentrated cream to revitalize skin
✅  Blemishes, freckles, dark spots appear fade
✅  skin is moist, white, smooth, not leaving oil
✅  Helps to reduce dark spots, freckles, nourish skin to be bright, clear, and look younger
is an ointment recommended by surgery clinics Concentrated Cream That fully mixes nutrients into the skin With extracts that are beneficial to the skin And the main ingredient from protein Helps restore skin to be white, smooth, soft, moisturized, glowing skin. Fill the deep groove Skin is firmer. Looking young It also protects the skin from heat, sunlight, strengthens the skin.
 #MadeCara Cream
Who has freckles, dark spots, redness, can't cure? Use now. Very clear face.


Very popular in Korea‼ ️
〰️ helps to moisturize the skin More white
〰️ Reduce dark spots, freckles ✨
〰️ Filled with deep wrinkles, looking younger
rehabilitation is very good

SKINRx LAB Madecera Re-turn Cream 50ml - Whitening and Wrinkle Care

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