Efficacy & Effect : Respiratory protection from harmful substances and infectious agents

  • Antibacterial effect (over 99%), Far infra-red sterilization effect
  • Moisture suppressant when wearing mask
  • Various kinds of smell suppressant when wearing mask
  • Washable (No reduciton in efficacy)
  • The clip on the strap allows you to adjust the length to relieve ear pain caused by wearing for a long time.

Ingredient :

Polyester 92%, Spandex 8%

Storage method :

Sealed container, stored at room temperature (1~30℃)



Black or White


Expiration date :

12 months from the date of manufacturing


Country of origin :

Made in Korea


1. Do not use in confined areas where the oxygen concentration is less than 18%.

2. Do not touch the mask surface with your hand after wearing.

3. If you are uncomfortable in breathing due to wearing a mask, such as pregnant women, patients with respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, children, the elderly, etc., please discontinue to use and consult with a doctor or other export if necessary.

“WELLCO”, a far-infrared ray is used by transferring the antibacterial substance to the surface of the masks providing antibacterial and deodorizing power.

Korean Washable Reusable Antibacterial & Deodorizing Far-infrared Ray Face Mask

$25.99 Regular Price
$16.95Sale Price

    Manufactory: MJ Industrial Co., Ltd.
    Made in Korea

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