100% high quality!

Professional hair styling tool



  • Great curling iron is made of high quality material
  • Creates long lasting curls
  • 2-Seond Instant Heat Up
  • Heat-protectant oil coating prevents hair from being damaged
  • Pwerful digital motor - Rotates at an even speed to avoid hair pulling
  • 6 Heat Settings
  • Auto shut-off
  • Curl your hair with one hand 


Reset with one click, quick and easy

Press HOME button, the clip rotates counterclockwise to its original position, making styling process simple and easy.


Ceramic Coating:

The hair curler’s iron rod has a ceramic coating with negative ions, infused with nano diamond and finished with piano coating technology. This enhances its durability and heat conductivity, providing perfectly even heat throughout. The negative ion ceramic coating makes it quiet and quick to use, fixing frizzy hair and giving you beautiful, luscious, wavy hair!


For best results, please follow preparation procedures:

1. After washing your hair, use a towel to dry your hair

2. Using a comb and hair dryer, blow dry the hair to about 80-90% dry, maintaining the hair straight 


Temperature Settings:

1. Fine or damaged hair: 150ºC - 170ºC 

2. Medium or normal hair: 170ºC - 200ºC 

3. Thick or coarse hair: 200ºC - 210ºC


How to Use:

1. Press the power button, the temperature display shows 180ºC

2. The lowest temperature is 150ºC, the highest is 210ºC

3. 3 seconds of inactivity will lock the buttons, press

the power button to unlock, then adjust temperature

4. Press and hold power button for 3 seconds to turn off, it will also shut down after 30 minutes of inactivity

5. The button with left-ward facing arrow rotates to the left, the button with right-ward facing arrow rotates to the right, the home button resets the rod


⌀ 26mm = 28W

⌀ 32mm = 48W


- Auto shut-down after 30 minutes of inactivity

* Note: when iron auto shut-down after 30 minutes of inactivity, press power button to turn back on.


Japan TSUYAGLA Automatic Curling Iron - High Quality

$139.99 Regular Price
$119.99Sale Price
  • - When not in use, please keep it unplugged

    - After the iron cools down, store in a dry location away from children

    - Do not wrap the cord around the hair tool, it may damage the electrical wire

    - Treat the electrical cord with care to extend cord life, avoid jerking, bending, or twisting the cord, especially at the plug connection. 

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