Deer placenta nutrients from New Zealand natural clean pastures permeate into your skin deeply and keep your skin healthy and beautiful!


 Deer Placenta Effects:

  • Improving skin texture, radiance, suppleness
  • Skin and scar improvement
  • Moisturizing and wrinkle improvement
  • Blood circulation improvement
  • Freckles and pigmentation improvement
  • Strengthening human immunity
  • Eliminating waste, toxicant and improving digestion


Placental Extract (20,000 ppm): Placenta contains various and rich nutrients such as active peptides, amino acid, vitamins, minerals, enzymes etc. and provides nourishment to the fetus.


Deer placental protein is excellent in naturally recovering skin’s moisture and elasticity, and keeping the skin youthful


Permeating into skin easily, it maintains skin’s health and vitality.


It helps promote skin regeneration, whitening and elasticity.

DJ-DNA Deer Placenta Sheet Mask, Finer Skin Texture, 5 pcs/box

SKU: 8809192398412
$30.00 Regular Price
$19.99Sale Price

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