• Water Repellent Outer Layer – AATCC22 Standards to prevent droplets and airborne particulate matters, liquid sprays that carry bacteria, viruses, harmful substances from passing through.

  • Anti-bacterial and Virus Inactivating Technology: the Twin Core Layer and the Inner Layer are treated with the scientific proven Anti-Bacterial and Virus Inactivating Agent made using the Silver Ion Technology.

  • Twin Core Layers with dust filtration ability. Certified by CE.

  • Reusable up to 30 washes while remaining anti-bacterial efficacy.



  • General Public Use (Offices, Factories, Supermarkets, Public Transportations, etc….)

  • Preventive use in areas with potential epidemic transmission.



  • Put the mask on your face with clean hand(s), so it fully covers your nose and mouth. Make sure the logo side is facing outward. Take the mask off from the ear loops, avoid touching the outside of the mask. 

  • Do not reuse a pre-used mask in a hazardous, potentially infectious environment. 

  • Place the used mask in a closed plastic bag. Wash by hand and dry it for the next usage.

  • Dispose the mask after 30 washes to ensure its protective efficiency. 

  • Store in a clean, dry place, at room temperature.

  • Expiration in 3 months after first use.



●Medium: (recommended for adolescents and females)

1. Width(folded): 5.12 inches

2. Vertical: 5.12 inches

3. Nose to Chin: 6.69 inches

4. Distance between the bands: 2.44 inches


●Large: (recommended for males)

1. Width(folded): 5.79 inches

2. Vertical: 5.51 inches

3. Nose to Chin: 7.20 inches

4. Distance between the bands: 2.68 inches



4-Layer Medical Face Mask, Reusable Anti-Bacterial (99.9%), Certified by CE

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