Product Description:This ancient herbal prescription anti-epidemic sachet offers multiple benefits for health of our bodies, including: 		Stimulating and supporting the immune system			Strengthens the immunity to help fend against viral infections			Improves blood circulations			Rebalances excess heat and cold within the vital organs	 The six herbal components offer olfactory benefits (i.e relating to the sense of smell), through the nasal passageways and the lungs. Each sachet can provide added benefits and prove to be more effective than ingesting some of the most popular and potent forms of immune boosting ingredients, like ginseng and reishi mushroom.  This specific combination of herbs stems from ancient Chinese traditional texts, including Huang Di Nei Jing and The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, and provides benefits specifically to alleviate the symptoms of viral illness in epidemics such as SARS, swine flu and other variants of the flu.  This herbal concoction is recommended by Dr. Hu Naiwen, a well-renowned Tawainese doctor specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as well as Western medicine and biological science. He mentions that he sent this herbal sachet to a friend who was in the field of cancer immunotherapy in 2008. The results showed the ability to boost and stimulate the immune system, showing even greater benefits than other well-known remedies. Ingredients「羌活」Huanhuo: 		Eliminates dampness in the body and helps improve spleen health			Reduces the coldness in the body (e.g. to prevent anemia)					In Traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed anemia is caused by too much wind/chill or coldness in the body						Helps to soothe and calm the eyes 			Helps to cure feverish symptoms cause by coldness in the body			Alleviates headaches and bodily pains	 「大黃」Rhubarb:		Helps to alleviate symptoms of hyperfunction (i.e a symptom where the endocrine glands produce increased amounts of hormones causing them to be hyperfunctional). This can also be caused by too much heat in the body			Helps with balancing blood flow and circulation			Alleviates tired, red and strained eyes			Helps to treat inflammation and clear away toxins in the body 	 「柴胡」Chaihu:		Prevents early symptoms of a contracting a cold and fever			Helps to reduce fever caused by exogenous pyrogens (i.e external bacteria)			Treats the bitterness in the mouth (caused by too much heat in the liver, heart and/or gallbladder) 					This is also commonly associated with bad breath 						Helps to relieve hypochondrium pain	 「蒼朮」Cangzhu:		Removes excess dampness in the body			Treat edema or swelling in certain parts of the body caused by leakage of fluids in the blood vessels			Treats symptoms including headaches, migraines and bodily aches	 「細辛」Asarum:		Treats symptoms of headaches and colds 			Helps alleviate stuffy nose and phlegm in the lungs			Reduces physical aches and pains caused by the flu	 「吳茱萸」Tetradium ruticarpum/Euodia ruticarpa:		Helps to heat/warm the body			Treats morning diarrhea 					In TCM, diarrhea occurring at different times of the day signal different bodily deficiencies 						Morning diarrhea is linked to a weakened spleen and/or kidney						Rebalances coldness and edema in the foot (i.e excess fluid in the foot)			Improves blood circulation and alleviates symptoms of blood stasis 					Blood stasis is a term often used by Eastern medical practitioners meaning that the blood is not flowing or circulating as optimally as it could to all parts of the body						It is considered to be one of the major causes of bodily aches and pains 				 DirectionsThese herbal ingredients have been specially pre-packed into a "scented bag".  Place the herbal sachet in your bag, under your pillow or use a stapler or paperclip to attach it to your mask. Any area that allows you to pick up the scent of the herbal contents is encouraged. This will help prevent infection as well as improve the quality of sleep. The aroma can last up to 3 months. All Herbs Imported from Taiwan

Anti-Epidemic Sachet (100% Natural Herbs) with Ancient Herbal Prescription

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