The Ultimate Pork Belly Recipes by Masterchef from China

This is an iconic traditional pork belly with rice recipe, known as "甜燒白", originated from Sichuan, China. It's usually served as one of the nine dishes at grand banquet. Masterchef John Zhang shares tips on how to make this extremely delicious pork belly dish with step by step instruction.

The invention of this recipe can be dated back to more than 200 years ago - the pork belly, is sliced, then stuffed with sweet red bean pasted steamed with glutinous rice. What does it taste like? Pork belly melts in the month instantly and blend perfectly with the other ingredients!

About Sichuan food: Back into three kingdoms, Sichuan area was the kingdom of shu (蜀国) and located in the southwest part of China. Sichuan people at that time liked to eat sweet food. Until Jin Dynasty, people add ginger, onions, chives and mustard into food and the food at that time is called pungent food. So at the very beginning, there is no "hot and spicy" in Chinese Sichuan cuisine.

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