The Beauty Secret for Glowing & Youthful Skin (Pt.1)

Have you guys ever wondered, “what’s a beauty secret to good skin?” What if we told you it was your mother? Some of the best tips are best kept by our mothers...and their mothers...and their mothers...

But for us, it seems there might actually be a lot for us to learn from. Here are 5 natural beauty rituals and secrets that Fel and Mia’s moms passed down onto them.

1. Whole body cleanse with turmeric and pepper

According to Fel’s mom, drinking this in the mornings everyday or every other day helps to thin out the blood and regulate its flow throughout your body. This beauty secret can help with glowing skin. 

To make the drink, you’ll need: 

  • A half a teaspoon of turmeric powder

  • A pinch of black pepper

  • 1 teaspoon of raw organic honey 

  • Hot water

So what’s the science behind this?

Turmeric contains carotene, which helps give it its vibrant yellow color. It has been used in India and Chinese culture for many centuries as a medicinal ingredient due to their beneficial and healing qualities. 

Turmeric contains an active ingredient called curcumin. The curcumin is a strong antioxidant and has strong anti-inflammatory effects. It’s also antifungal and antibacterial, which might help with acne-prone skin. 

Why add the black pepper?

Black pepper contains piperine, which is a compound that enhances the curcumin’s effects as it absorbs into the bloodstream. 

Can you have too much turmeric?

It really depends on your body. This is because turmeric has a blood thinning effect, which can help clear acne. But those of you with a medical history should not take turmeric, especially if you’re taking medication. 

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2. Brushing your hair 100 times

This is actually an old wife's tale, but it’s worth testing out. The beauty secret claim is that if you’re brushing your hair 100 times, your hair will appear shiny, soft, and healthy. It’s also thought to help cure headaches! And who doesn’t want luscious locks?

In the old days, a lot of the kings’ wives had their own servants to comb their hair. The process of hair combing and maintaining took long hours because the wives grew out their hairs to impossible lengths. Imagine if you had to tend to Rapunzel’s hair every morning and every night! Your arms are going to get a solid workout!

 So, how does it work? 

It’s all about the scalp. Your scalp produces oil to keep your hair lubricated and well moisturized. When you comb your hair from root to tip, you’re evenly distributing your hair’s oils down to areas where the oil can’t reach as well (especially if you have very long hair). This is especially important for those who wash their hair quite frequently. When you’re constantly washing your hair, you’re not only stripping your scalp dry of its natural oils, but you can also lead to damaged and brittle hair. 

When combing your hair, you might see a change in texture and look of your hair. Additionally, you might start feeling relaxed since the combing process can give your scalp an invigorating massage. It’s preferable to use a comb made with ox horn or sheep horn when brushing your hair. Brushes made with this material contains keratin that can help prevent hair loss and prevent headaches. 

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3. Himalayan salt water

How many of you struggle with constipation? This remedy is for you. 

For a healthy functioning of the body, we also require healthy bowel movements. But for some of us, we may not be going to the toilet nearly enough. Constipation can cause the body to hold onto toxins which can then affect the body and lead to unwanted breakouts. 

So, what's the beauty secret? Flushing away your toxins (quite literally!) for a clear and decongested skin.

To make the drink, you’ll need:

  • ⅓ teaspoon of himalayan pink salt

  • One cup of hot water (not boiling)

How does this work?

Unlike table salt, Himalayan pink salt contains many natural minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and zinc. When ingested, the salt helps to balance the body’s pH water levels. Because Himalayan pink salt is a non-ionized salt, drinking a glass of hot water with the salt can produce a laxative effect. This helps the body to relieve bloating, trigger bowel movements, and even cleanse the colon. 

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4. Fade hyperpigmentation with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is really beneficial for the skin when you drink it or take it as a “juice shot.” But for Felicia’s mom, this ingredient is her go-to beauty secret for lightening her age spots when high end skincare products did not. 

To make the remedy, you’ll need: 

Equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water

To use the apple cider toner, make sure you start off with a cleansed face. If you’re wearing makeup, try a double cleanse to remove all traces of makeup and dirt residue on your face. Once clean, take the apple cider vinegar and water mixture and gently rub it onto your skin. Take extra care to concentrate in areas with discoloration and hyperpigmentation. At this point, you can either leave it on as it dries, or wash it off after 5 minutes and apply moisturizer. 

How does this work?

Apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting the sugar from crushed apples. This fermentation process turns sugar into alcohol and later, acetic acid once bacteria is added into the mix. Besides the acetic acid, apple cider vinegar also contains other acids such as lactic acid, citric acid, and malic acid. Do these ingredients sound familiar to you?

Yes, because they are all alpha hydroxy acids!

Apple cider vinegar also contains a pH level that’s similar to the skin which can help restore your skin’s pH levels, kill acne causing bacteria, and regulate your skin’s health. 

Just a quick note: never use ACV when it’s not diluted! The acidity level of ACV is quite high and can literally eat away your skin or cause skin burns if you’re not careful! 

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5. Give yourself a face massage!

At the end of washing off all impurities and makeup after a hard day at work, the least we can do for our face and neck is to give it some TLC. This means you can give yourself a massage that targets the lymph nodes. Your lymphatic system is one of the most important functions your body has to fight off infection and keep your body healthy. 

That’s why when you feel yourself about to get sick, you might feel is inflammation or swelling in your tonsils. Ouch!

But on a daily basis, stimulating your lymph nodes with a good and gentle massage can not only relax and depuff your face, but it's an effective beauty secret. It can help drain out any toxins and buildup of fluid. Additionally, spreading your skincare routine down your neck can also help slow down the aging process. 

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For more detailed information on beauty rituals for clear skin, check out the full video:

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