Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Contain natural Chinese medicine, scientific formulation, and unique transdermal drug delivery technology, directly infiltrate to the retina. Refreshing to the mind, relieve dry eye, dry sensation, and fatigue in the eyes, all kinds of old age related eye problems.

The product is composed of a back lining, gel lining, and polyethylene film coating. It should not contain components that have a pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic effect.

  • Say goodbye to dry, irritated and tired eyes

  • Say goodbye to dark circles and eye bags

  • Helps improve eyesight and lazy eyes

How do they work?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes there are acupoints all over the body which connect to different organs. The acupoints around the eyes are linked to the liver and kidneys, among other bodily functions, which aid in overall detoxification. Stimulating the acupoints around the eye with these small but mighty herbal patches can provide relief for stressed and fatigued eyes.

Intended Use The product is suitable for physical antipyretic and cold compress physiotherapy. It is applicable only in occlusive soft tissue.

These mini cooling eye patches, made with 100% natural herbs,

1, Help provide relief for dark circles and eye bags caused by lack of sleep, poor lifestyle habits, stress, and environmental stressors.

2, Help provide relief for dry eyes, blurred vision, and visual fatigue caused by excessive blue light and screen time, stress, and environmental stressors.

3, Help relieve and control symptoms of hay fever, including sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes, etc.

4, Help improve symptoms of blurred and/or double vision caused by myopia (nearsightedness) or amblyopia (lazy eyes).  

How to use

  • Attach patches to acupoints (above). Leave on for 6-8 hours each time.

  • Can be used daily.

  • Keep eyes closed for 2-minutes after application to allow eyes to adjust.

  • A cooling and minty effect is normal Eyes may water, this is the body cleansing itself, symptoms should subside after 1-2 week of repeated use

  • For easy removal, soak eye patches with warm water before peeling off 

Contraindication of the product This product is not a substitute for any medicationTake with caution for pregnant womenTake with caution for populations with skin allergy, skin abnormalities and skin damageIf skin irritation occurs or increases, discontinue use

Warning Do not attach it onto an open wound.Stop use and ask a doctor if there is skin rash.Children should use the product under the guidance of parents. 

Storage Keep under ventilated, clean and dry place.


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