Face Mask Dupes for a Much-Needed Pick-Me-Up

If you’re at home feeling stressed due to work or those long Zoom calls with your fellow classmates, your skin is probably in a desperate help-me mode. If that’s the case, show it some love with your very own self-care session. And what better way to boost your me-time than to prepare a facial? If you’re not ready for those high-end brands, check out these face mask dupes that will also do the trick!

Tea Time

Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask Price: $92.00 USD from Fresh Size: 3.4 Oz | 100 mL

What it is: Make sure your skin gets the hydration that it needs with this luxurious black tea mask. Its antioxidant-rich formula also helps to protect against free radical damage while improving elasticity. Tip: toss the jar into the fridge if you want to feel an even better cooling sensation!


Heimish Black Tea Mask Pack Price: $22.00 USD from OHLOLLY Size: 3.7 Oz | 110 mL

What it is: If you can’t afford Fresh just yet, get your hands on this wash-off gel mask. It’s also infused with black tea to help improve skin elasticity and fight acne. Plus, there’s our BW fav — centella asiatica — for some soothing action and barrier repair. Leave this mask on for 5–10 minutes.

Sweet Like Honey

Fresh Creme Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask Price: $153.00 USD from Fresh Size: 3.4 Oz | 100 mL

What it is: This cult-classic mask will leave your skin feeling supple, smooth, and hydrated in no time! That’s because it contains Buckfast Bee-sourced honey, along with some very nourishing ingredients. And both the vitamin E and echinacea extract work well against environmental aggressors. For dry skin, leave on for 20 minutes.


Farmacy Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask Price: $56.00 USD from Farmacy Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: This ultra-hydrating mask is a must-have for that skincare boost! It uses a blend of honey extracts as well as powerful antioxidants to help brighten, heal, and protect. To top, this unique formula warms up once massaged and comes with a spatula for mess-free application.

I’m From Honey Mask Price: $37.90 USD from YesStyle Size: 3.7 Oz | 110 mL

What it is: Get more for less with this no-tug, Korean honey mask. It’s just what you need for some deep moisture and exfoliating care. It’s also made with snail secretion extract — a popular k-beauty ingredient that works to repair and hydrate. This mask is a great add for those on the drier side.

Watermelon Glow

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask Price: $45.00 USD from Glow Recipe Size: 2.7 Oz | 80 mL

What it is: If you thought watermelon was just for eating, think again! You can find this fruity ingredient in the sleeping mask, which helps to hydrate and exfoliate. Catch some z’s while your skin sinks in that HA and AHA goodness to reveal a glowing complexion!


Trader Joe’s Watermelon Overnight Face Mask Price: $6.99 USD from Trader Joe’s Size: 2 Oz | 60 mL What it is: This overnight mask is what I call a dupe! It’s very similar to the Glow Recipe, from the ingredients down to the jolly rancher watermelon scent. If you have sensitive skin and want to test exfoliating masks out, I would definitely give this a go!


Glamglow Supermud Charcoal Instant Treatment Mask Price: $60.00 USD from Sephora Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: This award-winning mask highlights not one but SIX exfoliating acids to clean out your pores. It also has activated charcoal and kaolin clay to help draw out any impurities from within. Perfect spa experience for our troubled skin folks!


Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask Price: $19.50 USD from iHerb Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: If you’re looking for a charcoal mask that’s a bit more sensitive skin-friendly, try Derma E. It has a very similar texture and color to its high-end counterpart. There’s even apricot seed powder to physically buff away dead skin. And the mask is formulated with aloe and seaweed to hydrate away!

Pumpkin Season

Peter Thomas Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Price: $60.00 USD from Sephora Size: 5 Oz | 148 mL

What it is: Spice up this fall with a double exfoliating pumpkin mask. It contains both chemical and physical exfoliants to give you a thoroughly polished, brightened complexion. And it’s chock full of vitamins and nutrients to keep your skin a-okay. It even smells like pumpkin pie!


Bliss Pumpkin Powerhouse Resurfacing & Exfoliating Enzyme Mask Price: $15.00 USD from Trader Joe’s Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: Looking for something that’s more within your price range, but works just as well? I’m talking about the Bliss mask that’s made with exfoliating pumpkin puree and lemon and rice powders. The formula also includes skin barrier-protecting prebiotics and HA for a hydrated finish.


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