Affordable Dupes for Most Hyped Skincare Products Pt. 1

It is said that you have at least one person in the world who can be considered your doppelgänger. The same applies for your skincare products. For every high-end product, there’s most likely an exact or similar product selling at an affordable price. Here are affordable dupes for high end skincare products!


Tatcha Water Cream

Price:$68 USD

Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: The Tatcha Water Cream is a luxurious water based moisturizer that Fel and Ro love. Once scooped out of the container, the product has the texture of a thick gel-like cream. When massaged into the face, Fel and Ro describes the product “bursting”. The texture turns from cream to water, while the burst of hydration leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and supple. 

Affordable Dupes

First Aid Beauty Coconut Water Cream

Price: $34 USD

Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: It’s an oil-free light water cream that’s infused with coconut water. The cream also gives the skin a burst of moisture as you massage into the skin. Its silky pearly texture also delivers a similar gel-to-water consistency as Tatcha’s Water cream. For Rowena, she finds the coconut water cream slightly more lightweight, very quick absorbing, and not as hydrating as the Water Cream. 

Recommends: For oily or oily-combo skin types; great for dry, humid summers.

Make P:rem Hydrate Me Micro Tension Cream

Price: $27USD

Size: 2.2 Oz | 65mL

What it is: It is a gel cream moisturizer that’s infused with botanical oils. The cream’s texture is a lot thicker and richer than Tatcha’s Water Cream. Therefore, it takes a bit of effort for the moisturizer to sink into the skin. According to Rowena, the Make P:rem Tension Cream is her favorite because it deeply nourishes her dry skin. 

Recommends: For dry or dehydrated skin ; great for winters

Additional note: The product smells earthy and herbal due to the botanical oils in the formula. 

Neutrogena Hydroboost Gel Cream with Hyaluronic Acid


Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: It is a lightweight bouncy gel cream hybrid that absorbs into the skin almost instantly on contact. When applied to the skin, the product is almost transparent and holds its shape. When massaged into the skin, the product sinks quickly without leaving an oily or greasy feel. 

Recommends: Anyone who’s looking for a lightweight and hydrating moisturizer at the drugstore. 

Clay Masks

GlamGlow Supermud Mask

Price: $59 USD

Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: This kaolin clay base contains 4.4% AHA and BHA blends, charcoal for drawing out impurities, and is good for normal to dry skin. Rowena personally likes this clay mask because she can see all the impurities and oils pulled to the surface of the mask. She notes that it’s oddly satisfying to see, while the mask itself helps brighten the skin due to the AHA and BHA blend. 

General tip on clay masks: Spread a thin and even layer of clay mask onto a dried and clean face; wash the mask off as soon as it starts drying (which is around 10 minutes). 

Affordable Dupes

Derma E Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask

Price: $9 USD

Size: 1.7 OZ | 50 mL

What it is: This mask has a very similar texture and color to Glam Glow’s mask. But unlike the GlamGlow Mask, the Derma E mask contains apricot seed powder which acts as a physical exfoliant for gently buffing away dead skin cells. The Derma E mask also contains a mixture of bentonite and kaolin clay, as well as charcoal for drawing out impurities. As for other ingredients, Derma E’s mask contains soothing ingredients like aloe and antioxidant rich seaweeds to help provide some hydration to the skin. 

Recommends: Clay masks from Derma E line are sensitive skin safe and great for all skin types. 

L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox & Brighten Face Mask

Price: $13 USD

Size: 1.7 Oz | 50 mL

What it is: Felicia personally loves this mask for her oily skin because it contains three types of clays: kaolin, montmorillonite, and bentonite. It also contains Moroccan lava and charcoal powder which work as magnets for drawing out excess oils and impurities from within the pores. While this product dries exactly like GlamGlow’s mud mask, it doesn’t contain any chemical exfoliants for evening out skin tone. 

Recommends: Great for oily or combo skin types.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clearing Clay Mask

Price: $15 USD

Size: 3.38 Oz | 100 mL

What is it: The Innisfree Pore Clearing Clay Mask is a white creamy textured clay mask. It contains Jeju volcanic cluster spheres as its signature ingredient, which helps absorb twice as much oils and impurities than other organic clay clusters. This mask also contains a mixture of kaolin and bentonite clay as well as lactic acid for brightening the skin. 

Recommends: Great for all skin types

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask

Price: $8 USD

Size: 16 Oz | 473 mL 

What it is: It’s the holy grail of face masks everywhere! The Aztec Indian Healing Clay Mask is known as a “miracle-in-a-container” because of its ability to draw out impurities, fade dark spots, and banish acne for good. While results vary from person to person, Felicia personally finds some success using the clay mask. She notes that both the aztec clay and Glam Glow masks are very intense and effective in doing their jobs.

Recommends: For oily, oily-combo, and acne-prone skin types

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