8 Winter Essentials for Self-Care & Gift Giving

Winter is coming.

With temperatures reaching colder temperatures and snow become more imminent with every passing week, there’s one thing to look forward to: the holidays!

Regardless of whether you celebrate the holidays or not, it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself with some nice self-care items that not only make you feel prepared for the cold season, but also benefit the people around you. So, in the spirit of gift giving and all things warm, here are a few items to consider spending for yourself or a loved one!

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Let’s start with a cool item that not only warms your home environment and your soul, but it also makes an awesome decoration. Himalayan salt lamps have been present in the market for years due to being known for providing a variety of health benefits. Some benefits include purifying the air, easing allergy and asthma symptoms, and reducing stress and elevating your mood.

Air Humidifier

With winter also comes the issue of dry air, which not only dries out your skin but also be a main contributor to respiratory problems. If cold, dry air is a common problem in your household, consider using a humidifier. This machine adds moisture to the air, which can help with coughing, and reduce dry skin in addition to lessening static electricity.

Air Purifier

You’re probably wondering: what’s the difference between an air humidifier and an air purifier? Aren’t they the same thing?

Not really.

While a humidifier brings moisture to the air, an air purifier removes particles and other pollutants in the air such as odor, dust, pollen, smoke, pet dander, and even mold. Sounds useful especially if you’re planning on mostly keeping the windows closed this winter.

Body Salt Scrub

Remember the benefits of pink Himalayan salt mentioned earlier? If you were a bit reluctant to invest in a lamp, how about a body scrub? The salt is not only a good skin exfoliant but it also helps to detoxify the body and improve hydration. Plus, it has sweet almond oil to make your skin extra soft while the lychee oil makes the whole scrub smell nice.

Lip Balm

Whenever you’re going out, you need to make sure that every bit of your face is protected, including your lips. The skin on your lips are the thinnest and don’t produce oils as your face does, making it the most vulnerable to the winter chills.

So let’s forego the chapped lips this winter and keep them hydrated with Drunk Elephant’s Lippe Lip Balm. It’s a tiny product that gives a powerful punch with its blend of avocado, Mongongo and Marula oils. This is guaranteed to keep your lips hydrated and soft.

Moisturizing Body Wash

Since cold weather brings dry and cracking skin, why not use a nourishing body wash to help seal in some moisture? This natural plant derived coconut based cleanser gives an amazing foamy lather and enhances hydration while the sea salt removes impurities from your skin. The grapefruit scent is an added bonus to help perk you up and energize you.

Here's another alternative: if you’re looking for another coconut based body wash that’s intensely moisturizing and delivers ultra hydration, consider using the OGC Extra Cream & Coconut Miracle Oil Body Wash. The ultra creamy formula not only makes you smell nice but also makes you feel super soft and moisturized that you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Ivory Shea Butter

And at the end of your self-care routine, use Shea butter to help your skin repair itself and really ensure that your skin is hydrated. This all natural Shea butter is rich in vitamins A, E, and F which helps your skin look and feel its best, and is unrefined to ensure that you’re receiving all its benefits! Plus, it’s a super creamy butter that you can easily apply anywhere on your body for a silky smooth and soft finish.

These are some of the many essentials to use during the winter. Regardless of whether or not you use the products, I hope that this winter brings lots of warmth, happiness, and much love for yourself and your loved ones! Feel free to comment below on what you enjoy doing during the holidays!

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