4 More Best Skincare Brands to Try That Are Worth the Hype!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

The beauty industry has created many awesome products to not only help us feel and look amazing for our skin, but also inform and empower us with knowledge and transparency of their branding. With so many new products coming out recently, we sometimes wonder: well… it’s good that these brands are becoming popular, but what are actually worth investing over?

As a continuation of the article, "5 Best Skincare Brands to Try That are Worth the Hype", we rounded up Fel and Ro's fave products from 4 more top skincare brands that claim to help with acne, breakouts, smooth texture and overall clear skin.


What it is: Son & Park are celebrity makeup artists who are also known as pioneers of the current dewy and natural looking makeup look in Korea. Their products are created specifically with simplicity in mind to ensure that every person’s skin can become its very best.

Top product from the brand:

Why it’s good: Son & Park’s Beauty Water is a nutrient-packed cleansing water, exfoliator, and toner in one package. It contains willowbark and papaya extracts to help remove the surface of dead skin cells and brighten up skin tone while rosewater, orange fruit extract, and lavender water to soothe inflammation and deliver hydration to the skin. Rowena loves using the Beauty Water to help remove her makeup and deliver her dry skin some hydration.


What it is: As the slogan says, Origins is “powered by nature and proven by science”. With the use of latest technology to create skincare products, Origins aspires to create mindful products that are not only good for your skin, but are environmentally friendly and ethically produced. They also source top quality natural ingredients from all forms of nature, and even support reforestation projects so that you’ll look good and feel good for supporting a great cause.

Top products from the brand:

Why it’s good: Felicia particularly loves the two products mentioned above because it helps to decongest her oily-combination-sensitive skin! The key ingredient from this line is charcoal, which helps to draw out impurities from deep within the pores. The honey is an added bonus to the mask and does well in soothing inflamed skin but also hydrating it as well.


What it is: Farsali was founded by a husband with a goal of creating beauty products for his wife’s troubled skin. Aww! In fact, the name Farsali is a combination of both names from this couple: Farah the wife, and Sar Ali, the husband and what they did to make the brand come together is really an awesome one. Long story short: Sar Ali noticed that the beauty products his wife uses are always divided into two separate categories: makeup and skincare without a way to mesh together seamlessly. And thus, Farsali was born to act as a bridge to connect skincare and makeup altogether!

Top products from the brand:

Why it’s good: Both the Unicorn Elixir and the Rose Gold 24K Elixir are wonder products that are also incredibly versatile. Although they are marketed as facial oils that help plump, moisturize, and hydrate your skin, they are also used alongside makeup as a primer, highlighter, or an addition to your foundation to help your skin glow and look flawless. Felicia enjoys incorporating the facial oils into her skincare routine to help hydrate the dry areas on her face.


What it is: Otherwise known by Rowena as “farm to face”, Farmacy is a brand that uses cultivated plants and honey from farmlands in Upstate New York and transfer them to a research lab to create a product that is not only environmentally friendly but does well at maintaining your skin. While the products on this brand use honey as a main ingredient, the real star of this brand is the patented GreenEnvy, which is a potent version of the Echinacea plant that contains 300% more antioxidants.

Top products from the brand:

Why it’s good: The Honey Drop Moisturizer is hydrating and super lightweight, which makes it absorb faster to the skin. It also has hyaluronic acid, honey, and cupuaçu butter beads that melt into the skin to help deliver needed hydration. Rowena highly recommends this as a moisturizer to use during the summertime because it might be too lightweight to use during the winter season.

Additionally, the coconut gel mask is infused with coconut water and Green Envy to give a hydrating and antioxidant rich treatment for your face. It comes as a water gel based mask that fits to the contours of your face without slipping off. Rowena particularly loves the hydrating mask over the brightening mask since it replenishes the needed moisture into her dry and parched skin.

What products do you enjoy and what products do you want to see the hosts reviewing next? Feel free to comment below!

And if you like more information (and more detailed reviews from our favorite hosts), check out the video to the skincare review.

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